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SG Auto Mould R & D:

Saigang Auto Mould Company R&D department has strong strength in R&D. We are able to realize mold flow analysis, top and precise mould structure development, models design and complete set R&D.

The company aims at offering the most professional and reasonable solution to the auto industry.

The company's business scope covers auto inner and outer decoration mould, including bumper bar, control panel, door panel, air condition parts, air filter, car lamp system, double color mould, and development of foaming mould and check tool.

1. Rapid prototyping analysis
During product matching, R&D application and actual developing, Saigang project department will make foreseen inspection and check on the product, including developing rapid prototyping sample, improving matching, and matching mould, etc.. So as to avoid mistakes, and achieve higher grade matching standard more precisely.

2. Mould flow analysis
Make analog testing before model, and by using professional MOLDFLOW software, analyze injection process, gate assignment, temperature control, cooling time,etc., improve mould design, and settle design blind.

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