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SAIGANG NEW MOLD CONCEPT AND DELVEOP TREND : Mould growth is very rapid in recent years, efficient automatic, large-scale, micro, precision, high mold life takes more and more part in the whole mold quantitiy. From mold design and manufacturing point to view, the mold can be divided into the following trends:

1. deepened on mold theory: more and more deepened in researching processing theory among design, Mold design is from experienced design to the theory design stage,make product quantitiy and quality getting a lot higher.

2. high efficiency and automatic : Extensive use various high-efficiency, automatic mold structure, High-speed automatic molding machines with advanced mold, playing an important role in improving product quality, increasing productivity, reducing costs .

3. Large, Ultra-small and high-precision : As the products widely applied, there were a variety of large, high precision and high- life mold, in order to meet these requirements, develop a variety of high strength, high hardness, high wear resistance and easy processing, heat distortion, heat conduction of excellent molding materials.

4. mold manufacturing process innovation: during the mold manufacturing process, in order to shorten the cycle time and reduce the workload fitter, making significant improvements in the mold processing, ,especially shaped cavity processing, using a variety of advanced machines, not only greatly increased the proportion of mechanical processing also improved accuracy.

5. Standardization : standardization work not only greatly improve the efficiency of production,also improved quality, lower costs